T3 Sixty is a team of strategic, technological and managerial consultants in the residential real estate industry. We facilitate solutions for brokers, franchisors, service providers, MLSs and associations throughout the U.S. and Canada, leveraging our experience and personal relationships that extend over three decades.


Our T3 Broker division, led by Wendy Forsythe, offers solutions specific to the brokerage community. This includes expansion strategies, business planning, market analysis, compensation evaluation and leadership development.


Our T3 Tech division, led by Jack Miller, offers technology consulting services for brokerages, franchises and MLS systems including evaluation and technology audit, requirements definition, systems design, request for proposal and bid services, as well as product strategy and design for technology companies.


Our T3 MLS division, led by Kevin McQueen, delivers proven techniques for building improved MLSs and associations. Solutions focus on financial matters, governance, development of MLS rules, technology selection, staffing and navigating politics and subscriber communications. Learn more at


As strategists, we offer strategic advice and long-term planning to companies on a continuing or project-by-project basis (e.g. new market entry, competitor analysis, and/or product evaluation).


As mentors and advisers, we offer specialist advice including the installation of budgetary control systems, growth and profit planning, and capital and revenue budgeting.


As outsourcing consultants, we manage the outsourcing of technology functions, management roles and executive search.